Why the “Real Man” Movement?

Over 150 years ago Henry David Thoreau penned the words, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation, and go to the grave with the song still in them.” He was referring to the fact that most men lead unfulfilled lives that seem to lack purpose, and that there is so much untapped potential for good that is never realized. Certainly, there is prevalent misconception in our culture as to what our roles as Real Men should really be. This confusion has led to an abundance of societal woes that exist in America today. The statistical results of the current “Fatherless Generation” are staggering. Statistics from the past decade tell us that over 80% of children who live with a single parent live with their mother, and that over one-fourth of these families live below the federal poverty level. Over 80% of children who exhibit behavior disorders are from fatherless homes. Likewise, over 70% of high school dropouts and 63% of teen suicides occur in families without a father. Criminal activity is twice as high if a young man is raised without a father, and they are twice as likely to end up being incarcerated as a result. Numerous other statistics validate that both young males and females who grow up without a strong and loving father figure in their lives tend to struggle more with mental, emotional and developmental issues. Likewise, statistics stating that one-half of all marriages in this country will end in divorce are equally as alarming. Obviously, men are not the only ones to blame for marital issues, as each partner must strive each day to make the relationship work. However, marriages where the husband does not prioritize his vocation, or calling, as a husband and father are more likely to be doomed to failure. In my book,   A Real Man, a Guide to Becoming the Men our Wives, Children and God Want Us to be, I address these and other issues that men face in today’s world. I also try to present many thought-provoking concepts that help us come up with solutions to these problems in a logical way. Similarly, my website – www.arealman.org  is designed to help facilitate this movement of men to step up and become the “Real Men” God created them to be. Imagine the impact on our society and our country overall if men everywhere were to come together and take a daily pledge to be devoted and faithful husbands to their wives, strong and loving fathers to their children, solid male role models in our communities and faithful men who are strong spiritual leaders in their households. If we join together in a common cause such as this, we truly can make a difference in the world around us! Each month I will try to take “snippets” out of various chapters in my book and share them through this blog. I hope you will enjoy them and find them worth reading! My goal is to help us all reflect on what we need to do to become the men that God created us to be! Please feel welcome to visit my website – www.arealman.org  I think you will like it!

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