10 Ways

To Be A Better Husband

1 – Affirm them daily.  Every wife wants to know that she is loved and that she is still her husband’s sweetheart.  Make a point of telling her daily that you love her!  Holding her hand when you walk, or an unexpected hug and kiss are also great ways to say “I love you!”

2 – Let them know that they are still beautiful.  Tell them so frequently!  Being good and sincere about complimenting their appearance and what they do well will make their hearts happy and boost their confidence and self-image.

3 – Be a good communicator with daily conversation.  Remember that communication is very important for females to feel connected.  Make time each day to talk and especially to listen as she shares her thoughts.

4 – Make quality time with our wives and children a priority.  Give them our undivided attention.  Our wives desperately want us to be good fathers to our children.

5 – Be understanding and show forgiveness when our wives make mistakes.  They are human.  The better job we do with this, the more they will forgive us when we say or do something dumb (which we men are all prone to do.  It’s in our DNA!)

6 – Show kindness and affection daily.  The “Golden Rule” is a great guideline to follow in any marriage.

7 – Share household and child-rearing responsibilities.   Studies show that many women find their husbands to be most attractive when they are cleaning, vacuuming, or playing with the kids.  Being attractive to our wives is a good thing!

8 – Remember to treat our wives the way we want our future son-in-laws to treat our daughters.  Each day in our marriage relationship we are showing our sons how to treat women, and teaching our daughter how they should expect to be treated by their future husbands.

9 – Take care of our own health and well-being.  Our wives and children need us to be there for them.  Better health means a higher quality of life and more enjoyment for everyone in the family.

10 – Be a strong spiritual leader in our household.  Oftentimes it is the mother who gets the kids ready for church and initiates spirituality in the home.  Most women would love to see their husbands take the lead in this department.  In doing so, we set a great example for our children as we prepare them not only for the rest of their lives, but for eternity.  Our children certainly need and deserve this!