10 Ways

To Be A Better Dad

1 – Strive each day to convince our children that we love them, both through word and action.

2 – Remember that the best way to show our children that we love them is to show our children that we love their mother. This is the best way we can create security in their lives.

3 – Understand that our true vocations in life are to be great husbands and fathers, and that what we do from “9 to 5” is simply a means of supporting our vocations as men.

4 – Remember that our roles as fathers are the most important jobs we will ever have. Live our lives accordingly.

5 – Give affection to our children. Research shows they need our hugs and kisses. It is good for our children to see us be affectionate with our wives as well.

6 – Make our children a priority in our lives. Our time and attention are what they crave most. We don’t have to be perfect, but we do need to be present.

7 – Discipline with love. Our children need to learn that we are all accountable for our actions. However, discipline with love, not vengeance.

8 – Emphasize the value of a good education. Read to them as much as possible, and help them with homework. Make sure they understand that their education will have a profound effect on the rest of their lives.

9 – Be a good role model. If we want our children to tell the truth and live their lives with character and integrity, we must first demonstrate these traits in our daily lives. Without question, they are watching us and will invariably follow our lead.

10 – Be the spiritual leader in our households. Teach our children how to pray. Remember that our children are our greatest gifts from God. As we are obedient to our God and the Church, we are teaching our children to be the same. Our primary task as fathers is to prepare our children for eternity and guide them on their journey back to God!